Organic connections. Strategic impact.


Squaretree provides communications, collaboration and event production for changemakers.

We partner with nonprofits, small businesses and artists. From planning to implementation, we build on the brilliance of your vision to create strong, lasting systems and relationships. Learn more about our digital services.

Ruth’s organizational skills are remarkable - from planning and executing events to documenting her processes, I can rely on Ruth to know what’s happening and where.
— Julian, Amherst H. Wilder Foundation


We know the challenges nonprofits face. We also know the opportunities. Our years of nonprofit advising include workshops on social media, data literacy and communications through an assets lens.

Work with Squaretree to train your staff, identify untapped potential, unite a group of stakeholders, build an analytics framework or design a one-time campaign. Or leave the day-to-day in capable hands long-term.

Small Businesses

Expert communications and marketing are now within reach. Partner with Squaretree for solutions scaled to your budget, size and capacity.

Let us handle storytelling strategy so you can focus on building your business. Design a social media campaign, develop your product launch strategy or create a cohesive brand identity. Bring Squaretree in for a one-time brand or content assessment, or add us to your team for sustainable growth.


Your art brings something powerful and beautiful to the world. Meanwhile, our services allow you to connect with your audience while staying true to your artistic vision.

Let Squaretree take care of the practical nitty-gritty, or have us train you 1:1. We draw on emergent thinking and a discussion-based approach that supports your creativity and flexibility.

Whatever the project, I trust Ruth to be creative, nimble, and responsive. She asks good questions, listens with genuine curiosity, then dives right in to help you work toward an appropriate solution.
— Kerry, Wilder Research

With experience spanning development and fundraising, strategic planning, collective impact, user experience, leadership development and research, our approach is:

  • Data-driven

  • Adaptive

  • Values-led

  • Systems-aware

We are inspired by the values and vision of our partners. Squaretree’s values include cultural humility, inclusion, learning, efficiency and joy.

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Working with Squaretree is like a project management dream come true! Ruth displayed an incredibly high level of professionalism, timeliness, creativity, and initiative with a compassionate and thoughtful eye to accessibility and inclusion.
— Ashley, Curious Incidents