Event accessibility and inclusion

Creating a welcoming space can be a priority from the very beginning of the events process. Wondering if it’s too late? No problem—there are also ways to build in access even on the day of the event.

Consider inclusion in what people see, hear, feel and taste. Go beyond the guests—staff, vendors and community members will benefit from a thoughtful approach, too.

As a model of inclusion, this checklist is available for free. At the request of our users, we also offer the option to contribute $10 or more. This offsets the creation of the checklist and will make it possible to create more resources. The checklist versions below are the same — they just offer different “pay-what-you-choose” options.

Suggested use: early in the planning process, with a planning committee or as inspiration for a team discussion

Take it farther: create your own custom checklist or conduct an accessibility audit


Grants readiness

Are you ready to apply for grants? The application process includes a great deal of detailed information about your organization and programming. Fortunately, many funders request similar information. Use the Grants Readiness checklist to identify whether you are truly ready to undertake an application process.

The checklist versions below are the same — they just offer different “pay-what-you-choose” options. This checklist is also available for free to clients and potential clients. Send an email to get your copy.

Suggested use: during a quiet season while you are preparing your grants calendar and considering where to apply; when you are thinking of hiring a consultant and want to be sure to get the most from your investment

Take it farther: gather the materials in advance for a smoother, faster application process


Project closeout

Transitions can be opportunities to build clarity and momentum — or they can lead to chaos. Let’s ensure the transition of our project supports your next steps and furthers your learning. This checklist will ensure you have what you need to move forward, from data to debrief questions and beyond.

Use the Project Closeout checklist to save time in the long run by making sure you have the resources, relationships, account access and assets to continue the work smoothly from the first day after our contract ends.

This checklist is available for free.

Suggested use: with a contractor or consultant; when a project is nearing the wrap-up stage, or at the very beginning

Take it farther: bring together a team to add items and questions under each category; apply the checklist to your projects with other consultants


Questions? Feedback?

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